October 14, 2010

  • 5 Life Lessons Learned

    This is part of a daily series reflecting on the life lessons I’ve learned.

    Today’s list of 5 life lessons:

    • Real wealth isn’t found in material possessions, but in treasured memories
    • Pursuit of possessions only leads to dissatisfaction once their attained, for God has created us with a hole only He can fill
    • Some of those difficult Mars-Venus interactions with a spouse feel like a Mercury-Pluto or intergalactic confrontation
    • The greatest display of leadership, strength, power or control is to empower or encourage another
    • The best of all days are those that begin and end with silent contemplation

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  • I am not as good as you at finding my own, but I love to read so I thought I would put a couple here:

    1)  Love is not a feeling it is an act of your will.

    2)  Do something nice for someone with whom you are angry, every time you are angry.

    3)  Listen to everyone, even the dull and the ignorant, they too have their story.

    4)  Put your hands above your head and try to touch the stars, you may never reach them, but the view is awesome.

    5)  The best coffee is shared between two friends.

    6)  Dragons really do love people; especially when they are dipped in chocolate 

  • Very good finds…We just have to remember them and live by them

  • @mommachatter - Thanks, Karen, for sharing some of the truths you’ve run across. Hope your sadness gives way to wonderful memories that only four-legged friends bring to our lives.

  • @looking_inside_me - learning a new lesson in life is like discovering a new star to brighten the night sky

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