October 18, 2010

  • Life: An Owner’s Manual Of What You’ll Need To Know

    Your life will likely be filled with a ton of mistakes.

    It took falling on our boo-boo to learn to walk and scrapes and bruises to learn how to ride a bike. Life is filled with mistakes and blunders, some of which can knock us off our feet. As kids, we’re resilient. We seem to lose that quality with the passing of years. But each mistake can teach us something about ourselves. Sometimes we repeat the same mistake several times before we learn the lesson.

    My biggest mistake has been not to embrace or fully appreciate what I had at given points in my life. As a result, I would set my sight in different directions only to reach a point where I look back and realize what treasures I had but are no longer there for me.

    What is your biggest mistake? Did you find that you repeated the mistake? What lesson(s) did you learn from the mistake? 

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