October 26, 2010

  • Politics and the National Debt

    If your place is like mine, every television commercial break brings a relentless assault of political advertising. Now this post isn’t about my personal political thoughts or yours, but I have begun to wonder what might happen if we take the politics out of governmental representation. I wonder how much of the national debt could have been retired and/or how many jobs could have been created if the money behind the political campaigning had been invested in that direction. It’s disconcerting, at least a travesty if not a national sin, as we continue to fuel it all with emotionally charged, divisive, partisan knitpicking. I say “Enough IS enough”. 

    So, here is my suggestion for campaign election reform:

    (1) There will be no campaign advertising by anyone through the day or during primetime.

    (2) If a candidate or entity wishes to purchase infomercial time after hours, they may do so, however they would pay a tax of 75% of the cost of the informercial.

    (3) A recognized independent entity will set up at least 4 debates between the candidates for state and local office on local television stations with attendance made available to the public without charge and for national office on network television, again with attendance made available to the public without charge. No campaign signs will be allowed at these venues.

    (4) Besides the open televised debates, candidates may schedule public appearances before the public they aspire to represent.

    (5) Outlaw lobbyists.

    (6) Campaigns may accept individual gifts from constituents not to exceed $25.00.

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  • I’m trying to figure out why this blog didn’t show up on my universal inbox…I just dropped by to see how you were doing.  The infomercial thing might catch on especially on the cable channels with the built in DVR.

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