October 12, 2010

  • The Seasons – A Life Lesson Learned

    I’m going to depart today from listing 5 life lessons learned to write about the most important life lesson nature teaches us each year.

    Fall is currently in it’s glory with leaves arrayed in colored from every shade of yellow to bright red. It is a good time of year to just get in the car and drive through the country. Fall is without doubt my favorite season of the year with the colors, raked leaves to jump into, the scent of burning leaves, a cool crispness to the air, homecomings, football, marching bands and stadium lights brightening the dusk sky, farm fields harvested, and pumpkins and scarecrows make their annual appearance. It is for me a natural high of the best kind yet there is also a sense of melancholy for fall is so short lived.

    All too soon all of the leaves will have fallen exposing the skeletal structure of trees. The air turns from a comfortable crispness to an unpleasant cold that sends our life indoors. There is more night than day and snow’s annual blanket is right around the corner. Winter too can be a beautiful season with the glisten of the snow, the crystalesque beauty of snow’s flakes no two of which are alike, raising one’s face to catch snowflakes on one’s face and taking to the ground and swinging arms and legs to create snow angels. Winter offers opportunities to get out the sleds, toboggans, skis and snow boards or rev up snowmobiles that have been hibernating in the back of a garage or trailer. Despite our winter play, nature lies lifeless, dormant, enjoying it’s winter’s rest.

    In time though winter gives way to birth and rebirth as nature blesses us with buds and fragrant blossoms in the season we call spring. Winter’s blanket thaws revealing a shade of green only spring offers us. It’s a time of chatter and singing of the birds returned from their annual flight to flee the harshness of winter. Spring is a time of coupling, of love. People leave the shelter of their homes and once again take to the sidewalks to get moving again.

    Then there’s the season that is now bidding it’s farewell, summer. The warmth and fullness of nature’s life, a time of outdoor adventure, summer. Summer seems like the longest season of the year.

    It amazes me that people question whether or not there is life after death. Nature and the seasons answer that question for us so eloquently each and every year. If our humanity is also nature, how can our existence be any different?

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